Almonds Don't Have Breasts

Ages ago I learned a very important nutritional concept from a mentor and friend, Dr. Eric Serrano. According to Serrano, the best type of milk to consume is breast milk. It's what we're meant to drink. "Breast milk is highly nutritious," says the good doctor, "and it's nicely packaged!"

To take this concept a step further, Serrano revealed a fascinating discovery at a recent lecture: "Almonds don't have titties!" Think about that for a second. We're really not meant to drink milk from almonds. If we were, almonds would have breasts!

I know it sounds rather silly, so let me phrase it another way: Why do you have to drink almond milk? Why can't you just eat the almond? Really, there's no reason to drink anything but water.

Breast milk is one thing, but plant-based milk is a completely different animal! When you refine natural foods like almonds, soy, and rice to make milk, you strip much of the nutrition from them. Often, these plant-based milks are fortified with synthetic vitamins and minerals, and they contain additives such as fillers, thickeners, and sweeteners. If you're drinking sweetened almond milk, you're drinking sugar!

Coconut milk is a bit different. It too can come loaded with all kinds of additives, but compared to other plant-based milks, it has a fat content similar to breast milk, and ironically, coconuts resemble breasts!

Take-Home Message: Don't fall into the almond milk trap! It's usually nothing more than cloudy water that's loaded with additives and only a few (moldy) almonds. You're better off eating raw almonds and drinking clean water than you are consuming almond milk.

To your health,

John Paul Catanzaro

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