Kneeling Lateral Raise on a Reverse Hyper Machine

Lateral Raise and Reverse Hyper Machines

Take a look at the two exercise machines above – one is for your upper body, the other for your lower body. They're two completely different machines, yet you can do the same exercise on both: a lateral raise.

That's right, if you have access to a reverse hyper machine with an adjustable roller pad like the one made by Atlantis, you can do lateral raises with it. Here's how to do it:

I’m trying to get my shoulders wider so I do lateral raises at the end of every workout. Check out Autoregulation and Variable Adaptation Training to see how I structure laterals into my routine.

For variety, machine lateral raises are a great option, but I don’t have a lateral raise machine so I came up with this solution. It does the job! If you have access to a reverse hyper machine like mine, give it a shot.

To your success,

John Paul Catanzaro

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Posted Apr 28, 2018

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