A Lateral Raise from Beyond 2001

Beyond 2001 by Jerry Telle

If you've been doing lateral raises for years but your shoulders haven't budged, then science may be able to help. You see, muscle growth requires a sufficient amount of tension and time under tension. During a lateral raise, the maximum amount of tension occurs when the arm is straight out to the side, parallel to the ground, where the perpendicular distance from the joint ...

Posted Dec 11, 2017

4 Tips To Live By

Got to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Here are four tips to live by (click on each image for more details): To your health, John Paul ...

Posted Dec 5, 2017

This Injury Prevention Assessment Fails Again

Soccer Injury

The functional movement screen (FMS) is popular with many personal trainers, but it doesn't seem to be as popular with researchers. Here's a recent review that suggests the FMS is not a great tool to predict injury: Do Functional Movement Screen (FMS) composite scores predict subsequent injury? A systematic review with meta-analysis. RW Moran, AG Schneiders, J Mason, SJ ...

Posted Nov 21, 2017

Prioritize to Enter the Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

If you place yourself in the eye of a storm, you can have all kinds of chaos going on around you, but you'll stay centered and in control. If you step out into the whirlwind of tasks, you'll lose control and quickly become overwhelmed. The way you get to the center is by prioritizing. Make a list of what needs to be done – get it down on paper – and then number ...

Posted Nov 15, 2017

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