The Death of a Client

I never realized how damaging type 2 diabetes could be until I saw it take the life of a client. The diabetes that I witnessed had absolutely no mercy. It unleashed a vicious attack! My poor client experienced three leg amputations, glaucoma, Parkinson's disease, and he was receiving dialysis on a regular basis. He was confined to a wheelchair or bed most of the time and had ...

Posted Oct 27, 2016

Is the Current Treatment of Diabetes All Wrong?

Curt Richter was a scientist well ahead of his time. He conducted some fascinating studies back in the '30s and '40s demonstrating that specific behaviors contribute to the maintenance of a constant internal environment, or what's known as "homeostasis." As you'll soon discover, his research could have a major impact on the management of diabetes today. Read the ...

Posted Oct 25, 2016

Get More From Weights Than Aerobics

The number one reason that people exercise is to lose weight, and aerobic activity is crucial for that… Right? Sure, you’ll lose weight, but at what expense? If you do an excessive amount of aerobic work, rest assured that you'll catabolize muscle tissue, and the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolic rate will be, not to mention the lower your strength ...

Posted Oct 22, 2016

Pre-Workout Stimulants

Everyone has their own unique pre-workout ritual. Some people prefer to blast music to get them revved up for their workout, others prefer to watch videos, and yet others prefer no external stimuli, just the jolt of a potent coffee to make them feel "bulletproof!" One thing is for sure though, everyone has dabbled with pre-workout supplements, and many people are ...

Posted Oct 18, 2016

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