Pace Your Recovery

We all know by now that active recovery is better than passive recovery. It's better to keep moving between sets than to sit on your butt. Physically, it helps flush out waste products, prevent blood pooling and lightheadedness, and keep you warm. Mentally, it keeps you focused and motivated. Moving between sets is one aspect to consider; resting too long is another. Most ...

Posted Aug 21, 2017

The Beauty of Collagen

If something was ailing you back in the old days, they'd tell you to eat that specific part of an animal. Whatever the case may be – heart, liver, eyes, testicles, you name it – just eat that animal part and you'd be cured! Of course, that tradition has been abandoned in our wise, civilized culture. We use supplements now: Can't stand the taste of liver? ...

Posted Aug 14, 2017

A New Way to Taper

A common practice in strength training is to work up to a peak load over a number of workouts, and then drop down a bit at the end before starting a new program. Although in theory it’s useful to deload at the end of a routine to prepare, or more appropriately, “repair” the body for the next program to follow, the reality is that it may not be in your best ...

Posted Jul 31, 2017

Eat the Whole Egg

Even with a strong Paleo movement in place, many North Americans are still convinced that fat is evil. Low-fat diets continue to be in vogue and people will go out of their way to remove as much fat as possible from their foods. Eggs are a classic example. Egg-white omelets are still popular. You could remove the yolk yourself, or you could buy a product like Egg Beaters ...

Posted Jul 25, 2017

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