Lifting to Lawrence Welk

Focus on the exercise, not the music. As Randy Roach said in episode 28 of The World of Muscle, "You should be able to put on Lawrence Welk and do a maximum lift!" You need to be able to psych yourself up – on your own – without the use of any external influences. Why? Well, if you're an athlete, you won't have music on the playing field, so the ...

Posted Feb 13, 2017

Moderate Protein Intake is Best

When it comes to building muscle, taking in too little or too much protein is not the way to go. A moderate amount is best. There's a rate at which muscle protein is broken down and built up. Of course, there are ways to influence that rate, but your system can only go so fast. Piling up more and more raw materials at the beginning of the assembly line is not necessarily ...

Posted Feb 10, 2017

The Business of Personal Training and Beyond Seminar

If you plan to go to just one seminar this year, this is the one! It's on the business of personal training, but this talk will be a little bit different than all the others in the past. Most lectures on the topic focus on the present, not the future. When it comes time for retirement, many personal trainers are going to be in trouble – "BIG TROUBLE" – ...

Posted Feb 1, 2017

Diabetes Gone in One Week

A couple in their mid-fifties came to see me earlier this month. They were both overweight and on a slew of medications, and they were both "sick" of it! So they made a New Year's resolution to restore their health and get off all those drugs. That's what led them through my door. I met with them twice the first week. The first consult was more of an ...

Posted Jan 29, 2017

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