How To Swallow Large Pills

I just completed my CPR certification this past weekend. I have to do it every year for one of my professional designations, and I think everyone should do it annually regardless of their occupation. I once had to perform first aid on a baby and believe me, I'm grateful that I knew what to do. One of the things they teach you in CPR when you first encounter an unconscious ...

Posted Feb 24, 2015

The Joint-By-Joint Superset Routine

Here's a superset routine that attacks the entire body one joint at a time. It's a split routine where the lower body is trained on Day 1 and the upper body on Day 2. Each day starts with a proximal pair of exercises and progresses distally with each subsequent pair. In other words, larger muscles are targeted initially and smaller muscles toward the end of the workout. The ...

Posted Feb 23, 2015

The Solution For Cellulite

Here's some information on cellulite that I picked up from nutritionist Keith Klein and his Beyond Diet Podcast. Klein is the founder and CEO of the Institute of Eating Management in Houston, Texas. I had the pleasure of attending a lecture held by Klein in 1997. He's an excellent speaker and he knows his stuff! I think you’ll find the information below quite ...

Posted Feb 22, 2015

Just Get To First Base Everyday

Here's an important message to any personal trainer interested in passive income: When it's time for you to stop consuming and start producing, generate multiple products and aim for a mere 1-2 sales a day. That’s all you need. Marketing expert Ryan Lee puts it along these lines: “You don’t need to hit a home run with every product. I’ll take doubles ...

Posted Feb 20, 2015

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