Tiger-Bend Push-Ups

Get in a push-up position with your shoulders directly above your hands. Now, lower the forearms and elbows down toward the floor. Your biceps should make full contact with your forearms at the bottom. It's not as easy as it sounds! Most people don't get it right the first time, so I get them to start from the bottom up with their forearms resting on the floor before they ...

Posted Jan 26, 2015

Two Ways To Boost Recovery Post-Workout Without Supplements

Earthing and napping are two ways to boost post-workout recovery better than any supplement can. Connecting the body to the earth (referred to as earthing) will help quench free radicals and normalize cortisol levels, and napping will spike growth hormone and kickstart the muscle repair process. You can combine both methods with the use of Earthing bed sheets (click here if ...

Posted Jan 25, 2015

The Power Of Visualization

Visualization can be a powerful tool in the gym. Use it to your advantage before, during, and after every set. Here's how to do it… Before a set, use a personal trigger to motivate you. Here are some scenarios that I envision. During a set, concentrate on the working muscles. Focus on strict execution. A simple tip to maintain good form when you're training on your ...

Posted Jan 23, 2015

2 Ways To Stretch On A Daily Basis

Static stretching can be useful to increase joint range of motion (ROM), but in order for it to truly take effect, you must stretch often. How often? Well, research indicates that daily stretching is best, and if you can do it multiple times a day, the results are even better. In a study conducted by Cipriani et al., 2012, 4 different stretching protocols were tested: a) ...

Posted Jan 22, 2015

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