Is Occlusion Training Even Necessary?

Occlusion training has received quite a bit of attention over the past two decades. If you are not familiar with the method, read Brad Schoenfeld's article Blood Flow Restriction Training. Yes, occlusion training can build muscle if implemented properly, but there are some potential risks. Do the benefits outweigh the risks, and is occlusion training even necessary? A ...

Posted Feb 2, 2015

A Tudor Bompa Strategy To Help Personal Trainers Retain New Clients

In order to lift a weight, muscular force must exceed the downward force of a load. The opposite occurs when you lower a weight – motor units are turned off until the downward force of the load is greater than the muscular force acting upon it. With less motor units active, greater tension and more damage occurs to the remaining muscle fibers, which prompts hypertrophy ...

Posted Feb 1, 2015

Which Physique Do You Prefer: The New Spartacus Or The Old Bosco?

One of my favourite shows on television was the Starz series Spartacus that ran from 2010 to 2013. The first season (Blood and Sand) and the following 6-episode prequel mini-series (Gods of the Arena) were great, but in the second season (Vengeance), they introduced a new lead actor who did not sport the type of muscularity a gladiator should have. This is the type of ...

Posted Jan 30, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas For Clients

When it comes to end-of-year gifts for clients, put some thought into it. Every year we try to focus on a theme. In addition to our signature clothing, books, DVDs, and supplements, we've given some neat gifts at Christmas time. One year it was a ceramic aroma diffuser with various aromatherapy oils. Another year featured a signature mug along with various herbal teas and ...

Posted Jan 29, 2015

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