The Elite Trainer Success Pack Includes:


Upgrade Bonus #1 – Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD (retail value $29.95)
(35-minute DVD with text insert)

“Warm-Up to Strength Training is one of the most important DVDs you will ever watch to help prevent injuries and to optimize performance. Every trainer should have this DVD in their library.”

Dr. Ken Kinakin, DC, CSCS, CPT
Founder and President of Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists



Upgrade Bonus #2 – Stretch for Strength e-Manual (retail value $9.95)

(25-page pdf report)

How would you like to make your clients instantly stronger?

Within the pages of this downloadable e-manual, you'll get the latest techniques to increase muscle strength and size through stretching.

Your clients will be able to lift more weight and have greater flexibility after you apply these methods.



Upgrade Bonus #3 – Stretch for Strength Video Presentation Notes (retail value $9.95)

(one-year subscription to the 104-minute
online video with pdf slide presentation)

Don’t just read about stretching to make your clients stronger, see how it’s done!

In this streaming video presentation, you'll learn the step-by-step techniques to use with your clients to improve their mobility and performance.



Upgrade Bonus #4 – Muscle Building Audio Interview (retail value $9.95)

(32-minute mp3 audio interview)

“Great trainers get great results!”

Learn the top mass-building techniques used by the professionals to get clients to pack on 10-20 pounds of muscle in a matter of months.

This audio interview reveals the best training parameters to use for muscle size and strength gains.


Upgrade Bonus #5 – Master Key Fat Loss Audio Interview (retail value $9.95)

(63-minute mp3 audio interview)

Here's a personal training fact: Most clients that walk through your door want to lose fat quickly!

Discover the fail-proof keys to rapid fat loss that will get your clients lean in no time.

Many of the trade secrets are discussed in this audio interview.


Upgrade Bonus #6 – How to Measure Your Clients Video Presentation (retail value $9.95)

(34-minute m4v video presentation)

Many personal training certifications mention the importance of measuring clients to track changes in body composition, but very few of these organizations actually show you how to do it!

In this downloadable video presentation, you'll be guided through a step-by-step approach for body measurements.

Learn a three-stage system to use when measuring clients along with the single most important measurement tool for maximum client retention.


The Elite Trainer Book (retail value $39.95)

(201-page paperback book)

“The Elite Trainer is a synthesis of the latest thinking in strength training and a comprehensive guide to developing individualized programs for your clients. Intensity, volume, density, repetitions, sets, tempo, time under tension, rest interval, exercise selection and sequence, load selection, duration, and frequency are all covered in detail in easy-to-understand language. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, The Elite Trainer provides a wealth of information you can put to use immediately.”

Fitness Business Canada
March/April 2012



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