The Lost Serrano Interview (Part 2)

JP: Let’s discuss the concept of supplement periodization. What specific supplements would you recommend during a strength phase, power phase, hypertrophy phase, and endurance phase? And to take it one step further, what supplements should we use before, during, and after our workouts?

Dr. S: I will break this question down into several sections:

Strength and Mass Phase – take creatine of course. Fats including fish oils, GLA, and coconut oil. Heavy whipping cream and peanut butter will help. Amino acids will also help you gain size and prevent overtraining; studies recently from the American College of Sports Medicine show a tremendous difference. Carbohydrates are useful for strength – 6-10 grams pre- and post-workout. Colostrum and digestive enzymes are also useful for gaining weight. During an accumulation phase, BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) will help you gain size. And I can’t go on without mentioning ephedrine and caffeine. You’ll definitely get an effect from taking them, I don’t care what anyone says.

Power Phase – ephedrine, caffeine, creatine and fish oils.

Endurance Phase – high dosages of coconut and olive oils, high quantities of complex carbs, fish oil (10 grams a day), and stay away from creatine. You can also use MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides).

Weight Loss – fish oil, BCAAs, free-form amino acids, ephedrine/caffeine, panax ginseng, and mushrooms (Garden For Life RM-10 is a good choice).

Always take BCAAs and/or free-form amino acids pre-workout. More and more literature will be released on the benefits of this. You’ll get leaner and stronger faster.

Take BCAAs during workouts.

Take free-form amino acids immediately post-workout, and an hour later have a huge shake with whey and micellar casein.

JP: Discuss how race can affect nutrition and supplementation.

Dr. S: Black people will dominate any explosive sport. Studies have shown that blacks have more muscle per square inch, but also a high number of fat cells per square inch when obese. It’s harder for a black, obese person to lose fat than a white, obese person. Black people should reduce saturated fats (such as red meat, cheese, etc.) to help them lose weight faster. Asian people can consume more carbohydrates – based on rice, not flour. Also, Asians can tolerate soy better, but keep in mind that they use fermented soy not the crappy stuff we have over here. White people do better with low carbohydrate diets and less milk. (Blacks should not drink milk whatsoever.)

JP: Just out of interest, what do you think of coconut oil?

Dr. S: Coconut oil is awesome! I come from Puerto Rico and we eat coconuts like crazy. If I was going to choose any oil for cooking, it would be coconut oil. You can also take protein powder and one or two tablespoons of coconut oil and whip up the softest, tastiest pancakes ever! Also, I would highly recommend coconut oil for people with dry skin or psoriasis (taken both orally and topically).

JP: Thank you, Dr. Serrano, for taking the time for this interview. As always, talking with you is a great learning experience.

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