2 Ways to Boost Recovery Post-Workout Without Supplements

Earthing and napping are two ways to boost post-workout recovery better than any supplement can. Connecting the body to the earth (referred to as earthing) will help quench free radicals and normalize cortisol levels, and napping will spike growth hormone and kickstart the muscle repair process. You can combine both methods with the use of Earthing bed sheets (click here if you live in Canada). I’ve owned a set of these for years. There’s a slew of scientific evidence that proves this technology works, but I have a personal experience that’s better than any lab experiment.

Generally, I jump out of bed every morning at 5:00 a.m. ready to take on the world! That energy was heightened when I started using the Earthing (formerly known as Barefoot Connections) bed sheets way back in 2008. However, there was one week in 2009 where I woke up groggy, sore, and unmotivated every morning. I could not figure out why until one night before going to bed, I noticed that the sheets were not plugged in. Apparently, our cleaning lady changed the sheets the previous week and must have forgot to plug them in. Now, I don’t have any objective measures to prove this stuff works, but once I plugged the sheets in, we were back in business!

I talked about this technology and my experience with it back in the March 2008 and July 2009 editions of our health & fitness e-newsletter (feel free to subscribe at this link).

If your schedule permits, try taking an “earthing” nap within an hour of finishing your workout.

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