An Interesting Post-Workout Strategy

Last month we discussed the concept of doing no carbs immediately after a workout and instead using amino acids. Here’s another expert that advocates the “no carb post-workout” approach; however, he suggests waiting a little bit before you take amino acids.

John Kiefer has written a book on carb back-loading and during a talk with IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski, Kiefer proposed that glucose should not be consumed immediately post-workout but rather an hour or so afterward. His theory is that you want to allow the catabolic effects to set in for a while – it primes the muscle cells for greater absorption afterward.

According to Kiefer, only athletes that need to glycogen replenish should have glucose immediately after training. Glycogen replenishment is biphasic: the first 30 minutes is not insulin-mediated (it’s the GLUT4 and GLUT12 pathways); it’s insulin-mediated about an hour or so later. Kiefer also believes that you’ll get a better benefit from amino acids if you can wait for this insulin spike.

Like everything in the training world, if you have 10 different experts, you’ll have 10 different strategies. The key is to find what works well for you.

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