Exercise Equipment That Lasts A Lifetime

Take a look at the photo above. That’s a client’s home gym. He and his wife have trained with me for over 20 years. At first, they had only a small bench and a few dumbbells, but over the years, they’ve added to their collection (the hex bar you see in the background was a recent addition).

Last week, my client was remarking how all the equipment gets used on a regular basis. What a great investment! Get the right stuff and you’ll use it often, and it should last forever. In fact, weight training equipment should outlast you!

The same can’t be said for cardio equipment. That stuff requires regular maintenance and often breaks down. To make matters worse, most cardio pieces end up as expensive clothes hangers! In The Business of Personal Training, I show you a three-tier system of building a home gym that doesn’t involve any cardio equipment.

If you want cardio, go outside and do some interval training up and down the street – run one way and walk back the other, or find some hills or stairs to do your intervals. Dare I suggest that it may be as effective for fat loss than using a cardio machine? You bet, and it doesn’t cost any money.

In the winter when the weather doesn’t cooperate, put together some loaded circuits in the gym using dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, and so on. Again, you don’t need cardio equipment to get a “cardio” effect. Use some ingenuity and be creative. I give you many examples in Lean and Mean.

Take-Home Message: Build your home gym gradually over time. Begin with some essentials and go from there. Before you know it, you’ll have a serious gym with all the equipment you need… and it will last you a lifetime!

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