Lifting to Lawrence Welk

Focus on the exercise, not the music. As Randy Roach said in episode 28 of The World of Muscle, “You should be able to put on Lawrence Welk and do a maximum lift!”

You need to be able to psych yourself up – on your own – without the use of any external influences.


Well, if you’re an athlete, you won’t have music on the playing field, so the drive and aggression has to come from within. With a million things going on around you, you must focus on the task at hand and remove all distractions. There are many gyms that do not allow music or mirrors for this very reason.

Music can have a profound effect, both positive and negative, on your performance in the gym. I’ll discuss it in greater detail in a future post, but when in doubt, go with silence.

Take-Home Message: If you’re truly serious about improving your athletic performance and you subscribe to the concept of training specificity, mute the tunes and blast the weight!

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