Meet my New Fitness Buddy

The front squat is a fundamental exercise that everyone should incorporate into their routine, yet not everyone can execute it successfully. There are key reasons for this.

First and foremost, the front squat demands exceptional flexibility in the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, unlike its counterpart, the back squat. There’s no room for deception in the front squat – do it wrong, and you risk losing control of the bar. It’s an honest squat that necessitates proper knee bending, unlike the “good morning” variations often mistaken for back squats. Engaging in front squats will quickly highlight any form deficiencies.

Secondly, the front squat can be uncomfortable. A common cue is, “if the bar is choking you, you’re doing it right!” While this exercise places more stress on the knees compared to a back squat, it reduces stress on the lower back. Over time, your knees adapt, becoming stronger and more resilient. Adapting to the stress on your wrists and shoulders, however, is more of a challenge. Using straps can be helpful, especially if wrist flexibility is an issue or if you have decent-sized biceps. Unfortunately, there isn’t much relief for the shoulders. Some individuals find the Sting Ray attachment useful, although it tends to slide and can be uncomfortable and even risky with heavy loads.

Personally, I’ve never faced issues with my knees, wrists, or shoulders during front squats; instead, my collarbone has been the source of discomfort. The protrusion near my sternum takes the brunt of the load, leaving it swollen after each set. While I’ve endured this for decades, it seems that my suffering may now be alleviated – at least on the collarbone, not the thighs!

Enter the MD Buddy Front Squat Shoulder Harness, which I recently took for a test drive. Here’s my experience.

It felt great! No choking sensation, no stress on my wrists, shoulders, or collarbone – just pure, hard work. I didn’t load up the bar too heavily, but it was a challenge.

So far, so good with the MD Buddy Front Squat Shoulder Harness. I’m looking forward to putting this thing through years of reps. If you had issues with front squats, consider giving this harness a try – it might be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

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