The Periodization Blueprint for Chin-Ups and Pull-Ups

Exciting news! Just got my hands on Swissies45, and they’ve transformed my chin-up game. No more draping an EZ-Curl bar over the power cage – now it’s all about efficiency.

These handles are versatile – perfect for semi-supinated or semi-pronated chin-ups, at any grip width you desire. Christmas gift idea? Look no further!

Want to integrate Swissies45 into your training? Check out this strategic periodization plan:

Month 1 – Pronated Grip
Month 2 – Neutral Grip
Month 3 – Supinated Grip
Month 4 – Semi-Pronated Grip
Month 5 – Semi-Supinated Grip
Month 6 – Mixed Grip

Complete the cycle, then rinse and repeat, and you’ll master chin-ups and pull-ups strategically for a full year! Dive into the science of grip variations in my book, The Elite Trainer, available worldwide on Amazon.

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