Keeping Up with Current Research (December 2023)

Research is a valuable tool for health and fitness professionals, providing insights to stay ahead in the field. Here are recent findings to keep you informed:

Throwing Cold Water on Muscle Growth

  • Summary: Cold water immersion post-resistance training may attenuate hypertrophic changes.
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  • Note: Icing after injury or post-workout may not be ideal. Explore a better alternative here.

Sleep Regularity and Mortality Risk

  • Summary: Sleep regularity is a stronger predictor of mortality risk than sleep duration.
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  • Note: Improve sleep regularity by setting an alarm for bedtime here.

Glycine’s Role in Fighting Viruses

  • Summary: Glycine intake can prevent and fight virus invasiveness by strengthening the extracellular matrix.
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  • Note: Glycine may counteract the adverse effects of glyphosate. Incorporate it into your diet here and here.

Impact of Vegetarian Diet on Bone Health

  • Summary: Current vegetarians, especially vegans, showed lower bone mineral density compared to non-vegetarians.
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  • Note: A vegetarian diet may pose risks to health and longevity here.

Youth Sport Specialization and Injury Risk

  • Summary: Specialized youth athletes are more prone to injury; avoiding specialization until at least adolescence is recommended.
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  • Note: Encourage kids to explore various activities before adolescence here.

The Impact of Life-long Strength Training on Older Men

  • Summary: Strength-trained master athletes exhibit similar muscle morphology to young individuals.
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  • Note: Weight training may preserve muscle fibers with age here.

Proportion of Caloric Restriction-induced Weight Loss as Skeletal Muscle

  • Summary: Calorie restriction leads to reductions in skeletal muscle mass, emphasizing the importance of weight training.
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  • Note: Intermittent fasting may lead to muscle loss here.

Collagen Synthesis Response to Resistance Exercise and Hydrolyzed Collagen Intake

  • Summary: Ingesting 30g of hydrolyzed collagen prior to exercise enhances collagen synthesis more than lower doses or none.
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  • Note: Achieve similar effects with bone broth here.

Body Recomposition in Trained Individuals

  • Summary: Body recomposition is possible in resistance-trained individuals through progressive resistance training and proper nutrition.
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  • Note: Explore the phenomenon in the book Lean & Mean here.

Low Carbohydrate Availability and its Impact on Hypertrophy and Anaerobic Performance

  • Summary: Carbohydrate restriction impairs muscle hypertrophy and anaerobic performance.
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  • Note: Consider the implications of a ketogenic diet on muscle size and performance here.

Resistance Exercise Training for Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Older Adults

  • Summary: Resistance exercise training benefits overall health in older adults.
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  • Note: Strength training is a potent anti-aging elixir here.

Higher Muscle Protein Synthesis Following Ingestion of an Omnivorous Meal vs. Vegan Meal in Older Adults

  • Summary: A whole-food meal containing beef results in greater postprandial muscle protein synthesis in older adults.
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  • Note: Animal protein can be superior for muscle recovery here.

Supervision during Resistance Training and Muscular Adaptations in Resistance-Trained Individuals

  • Summary: Supervised resistance training promotes greater muscular adaptations and exercise adherence in young, resistance-trained individuals.
  • Link to Research
  • Note: Experience the benefits of personal training with the Hawthorne effect here.


Stay tuned for more insights as we navigate the evolving terrain of health and fitness research. Your commitment to staying informed is the key to unlocking new possibilities on your journey to being the best that you can be. Keep discovering, keep evolving, and let knowledge guide your path to success.

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