Male Clients Are From Mars, Female Clients Are From Venus

Psychology plays a big role when dealing with clients. Females tend to be more sensitive than males. You need to be delicate when delivering a “negative” message to the ladies. For instance, if their body mass index or waist girth is high, explain to them that research indicates those levels may pose a health concern. The way you speak is important as well. Be kind and understanding and refrain from any condescending remarks or actions, or specifically anything that may be deemed condescending.

With the guys, however, don’t be afraid to hit them below the belt if they’re carrying a lot of weight above the belt, especially if you’ve known them for awhile and built up a rapport. Males tend to respond better to a challenge. Be short and direct, and get right to the point: “You’ve fallen off the wagon and need to lose that gut!” They’ll get the message, and they’ll up their game. If you say something like that to a female, no matter how long you’ve known her, she may not take it as well.

Of course, you must always conduct yourself in a professional manner. With females, be objective, non-judgmental, and be nice. Go ahead and be objective and non-judgmental with males as well, but if the situation warrants it, don’t be too nice!

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