Restoration Methods – Aerobic Activity

Cardio, which is a slang term for aerobic training, can have many drawbacks over the long run. It can increase oxidative stress, cause premature cell aging, lower trace mineral levels, increase cortisol production, slow down metabolism over time, and decrease strength, speed, and power.

The increased cortisol production alone may have several negative consequences since cortisol can decrease thyroid production, have a catabolic effect, suppress the immune system, act as an oxidant to the brain, and increase abdominal fat.

Yet, low-intensity aerobic activity may be useful for restoration since an increase in circulation will accelerate oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles. This should speed up healing and recovery. According to sports chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Spencer, complete rest is not the best option. You need nutrients to heal and you must pump the garbage out of the body with active recovery.

Bottom Line: An occasional walk may do the body and mind some good, but don’t waste too much time or energy on aerobic training to enhance recovery between workouts.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss the role of proper nutrition for optimal recovery.

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