The Best Whole Body Vibration Device for the Money

Whole body vibration (WBV) has gained popularity in the fitness industry over the past few years. This form of training can deliver a number of benefits, such as enhanced blood circulation, increased muscle strength, increased flexibility and range of motion, increased capability for burning body fat, reduced joint and ligament stress, and pain suppression. There are many more health and fitness benefits as discussed in the following video:

In my opinion, the best use of WBV is during a warm-up to stimulate the nervous system and prepare the body for activity. Whether it’s for sport or exercise, performance will improve with the appropriate use of WBV beforehand. The biggest issue with a WBV machine, however, is the cost. It’s hard to justify thousands of dollars for a machine that may only be used during a warm-up. I’m happy to say that prices have come down considerably. Soloflex now offers a WBV platform for just over $500. This is the device that I own and after many years of use, I’ve never had any problems with it.

If you think that you need to purchase an expensive WBV machine to get results, think again! Research by Bagheri et al., 2012 has shown that there are no significant differences in the acute effects of different WBV devices on muscle performance.

Bottom Line: If you’re considering a WBV device for your home gym, consider the Soloflex.

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