The Future of Personal Training

This pandemic has decimated many businesses and personal training is no exception. One organization indicated that over 50% of their members have been out of work and 15% are contemplating a career change. The ones that remain are working at a reduced capacity.

Online training has become popular and although virtual sessions may work for some people (at least during this period of time), it doesn’t work for everyone. Many people still prefer the in-person, hands-on approach and they’re willing to pay top dollar for it.

What’s the biggest obstacle?

In one word: equipment.

Gyms are closed right now and although in-home sessions are possible, fitness equipment can be a limitation. Even so, when the smoke finally clears, I predict that most personal trainers will operate out-of-home gyms and/or small boutique fitness studios. Unfortunately, I think the large commercial gyms are going to have a hard time recovering from all this.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Near the beginning of my career, a client once told me to keep the business small. “Don’t go too big,” he said. “Work out of home. Clients will appreciate the attention, convenience, and privacy, and you won’t have to deal with huge overhead, employees, traffic, and so on. Trust me, a lot less stress and a lot more happiness… and you can make a great living if you do it right!”

It’s funny because the other day, I was cleaning out my office and found the following photos that were taken about 25 years ago, right around the time that client spoke those words to me. It was my first home studio. Boy, how things have changed since!

This is what my home studio looks like now…

I’ve learned many lessons along the way, which I share in The Business of Personal Training. If you’re thinking about building your own private studio, you should check it out. It’s available on Kindle or you can view a video presentation online.

P.S. If you’re looking to pick up some fitness equipment for home, here are some suggestions:

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