The Sicilian Crunch

Here’s a unique way to perform an abdominal crunch. I’ve used this movement quite successfully with my clients over the years.

It’s termed a Sicilian crunch not only to reflect my parents’ nationality, but also because it feels like a dozen mobsters have unloaded rounds into your abdomen by the time you finish! Believe me, this exercise will induce some serious muscle soreness.

You must have a solid base of core training before attempting this movement. The Sicilian crunch is an advanced abdominal exercise that accentuates the eccentric action. It’s not meant for beginners.

Here’s how it works…

Lying supine on a Swiss ball, perform an abdominal crunch with a dumbbell resting on your chest. At the top of the movement, extend your arms out (completely outstretched, in-line with your torso) and then lower in a slow, smooth and controlled manner. Start with a light weight and do no more than six reps per set.

Try the routine outlined on page 31 of The Elite Trainer. It trains the abdominals in their role as both stabilizers and prime movers while taking into consideration their high fast-twitch makeup, and it includes the Sicilian crunch. Give it a shot!

Chest and Back Superset

A “super” combo to finish off an upper-body workout involves the standing cable crossover and the bent-over dumbbell lateral raise.

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