Vacation Readiness Reset

Gauging your readiness to train can be done in many ways. I discuss several methods in The Elite Trainer, but one tool that has become quite popular is the Oura ring, which gives you a daily readiness score upon awakening.

Recently, I went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic. I laid in the sun all day long for seven days and when I returned, these were the first two readiness scores that my Oura ring registered:

I’ve never scored that high before! In fact, my readiness scores were sluggish before the trip, but a week away with plenty of natural vitamin D turned things around.

It’s well known that if your circadian rhythm is all messed up, go camping for a week and watch how quickly your body gets back on track. It’s the best way to reset your internal clock, although it’s better to do it in the summer when the weather is nice.

During the cold winter months, escape to a hot destination for a week. It’s a great way to reset your readiness and enthusiasm to train. You’ll come back with a nice tan and “ready” to lift some serious weight!

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