3 Warm-Up Methods for More Strength

Here are three ways that you can trick your nervous system for more strength:

1. An advanced warm-up strategy involves the process of postactivation potentiation. By gradually ramping up your low rep warm-up sets beyond your working weight, it will increase strength for your work sets. There are different ways to really tap into high-threshold motor units, such as performing heavy supports or eccentrics with loads that are greater than your working weight. Then, when you come back down to your working weight, it will feel like a feather!

2. Another way to play with your nervous system is to add chains to the bar, which will naturally slow down the concentric speed (although the intent must always be to lift fast). Then, remove the chains for your work sets and you will go through the roof!

3. If you want to trick your body further and lift even more weight, do your warm-up sets with oversize grips like Fat Gripz. Then, perform your work sets with regular handles and watch your strength soar!

Depending on your level of training, there are several neural tricks that you can use to improve strength and performance. Beginners can try oversize grips for their warm-ups and then use regular handles for their work sets. Advanced trainees can employ plyometrics during the general warm-up phase, and overshoot the working load with heavy supports or eccentrics, or add chains to the bar during the specific warm-up phase.

For more tips, check out The Warm-Up: Modern Methods for Strength Training.

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