5 Exercise Problems and Solutions

There are certain exercises that are simply too uncomfortable or seem to fatigue everything but the target muscle. Usually, you just stay away from them, but with some ingenuity, you can often find a solution to the problem. Here are five examples that are common in the gym:

Front Squat

Problem: Hard on wrists

Solution: Use straps

Step-Ups, Split Squats or Lunges

Problem: Heavy barbells or dumbbells can cause arms and shoulders to fatigue before legs

Solution: Use a heavy weighted vest with lighter barbells or dumbbells


Problem: Too much arms, not enough traps

Solution: Take the arms out of it by using a standing calf raise machine

Lean-Away Laterals

Problem: Opposite arm fatigues first

Solution: Side-lying on an incline bench

Wrist Roller

Problem: Shoulders fatigue before forearms

Solution: Use a low pulley

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