Parallel-Bar Dips for Females: How to Get a Positive Outcome from a Negative Action

Many females struggle with parallel-bar dips much like they do with chin-ups. If you perceive that you’re unable to do an exercise, sure enough, you’ll fulfill that prophecy! Rather than a negative perception, focus on the “negative action” and your ability to do dips will improve considerably.

I’m sure you realize that you can lower more weight than you can raise. In fact, the eccentric (negative or lowering) action can be as much as 50% stronger than the concentric (positive or raising) action. Use this to your advantage on parallel-bar dips.

Here’s how to do it…

Start at the top of the movement with your elbows fully extended. You can get there with the aid of a chair or step, or by simply jumping up. Then, by bending the elbows, lower yourself in a slow, controlled fashion for a count of 5 seconds. When you get to the bottom of the movement, step or jump back up to the top position and repeat. Do 2-4 reps in this manner for as many as 6 sets.

A word of warning: If it gets to a point during a set that you cannot lower yourself under control for at least 5 seconds, stop the set immediately. Trying to continue on is inviting trouble, so play it smart.

Each workout, try to add some weight to your body by using either a weight vest or weight belt as demonstrated in the video below:

After a while of this type of training, you’ll be able to perform parallel-bar dips like this:

Give the negative-only method a shot. Do it twice a week for a month. Make sure to test the number of dips you can do before and after the program. I’m sure that you’ll experience a positive outcome from all the negative training.

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