A Potent One-Two Combination to Knockout the Mid-Afternoon Slump

You can knockout the mid-afternoon slump with this one-two combination: use a Chi Machine followed by a sun lamp and you’ll be revived, refreshed, and ready to go!

Here’s how it works…

The Chi Machine Power Nap

Chi machine

To really boost recovery, take a power nap during the day. As I discuss in my book Mass Explosion, the best time would be right after a workout if you can, but any time will help. Consider purchasing a Chi Machine. It’s a portable electrical device with padded ankle support that moves side to side. You just lie down on the floor, rest your ankles on the pads, use the remote to control the speed, and the machine will do the rest.

The Chi machine simulates the motion of a swimming fish, which creates a ripple effect throughout the body. This does all kinds of neat things to help heal and restore the body, most notably, it increases circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage, but it doesn’t end there. The machine simulates another action – one that is deep-rooted – that is, your mother rocking you as a baby! It’s this effect that relaxes the hell out of you and puts you to sleep.

I use the Chi machine on a regular basis. If I have a gap in my schedule, I’ll shut the lights off and lie on a rug or mat with my ankles resting on the machine. With the dial set at a low speed, I’m asleep in no time. The machine automatically shuts off after 15 minutes, which is just the right dose.

Power Up with a Sun Lamp

When you wake up from your power nap, you may feel a bit lethargic and drowsy. That’s because your melatonin levels are elevated. Exposure to light will quickly suppress melatonin – the faster you get light and the more intense it is, the faster you’ll wake up, feel energized, and sleep better at night.

This is a great time to go outside for a walk. You get natural light, fresh air, and some movement to get your body temperature up and running again, but what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate? Where do you get that light exposure from?

That’s where a sun lamp can help. Natural light is always best, but when there’s not much of it present, artificial light can be beneficial. Although a small face lamp will do the trick, full-body exposure is even better. The more skin you expose to intense light, the greater the vitamin D production. Vitamin D comes with a host of health benefits, but if all you care about is building huge delts and biceps, well vitamin D will help with that too!

Take-Home Message: Taking a 10- to 20-minute power nap followed by some light therapy in the afternoon can really boost your energy and productivity for the rest of the day. Do it as often as you can.

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