Accelerate Post-Surgery Healing

Utilizing vitamin IV drips before and after surgery will greatly enhance the healing process. I learned this from Dr. Fred Hui, a practitioner of integrative medicine in Toronto, Ontario, and I can tell you from first-hand experience that it works!

A high amount of vitamin C around a surgery can help protect the body, remove heavy metals and other impurities from the drugs used, and of course, speed wound healing. Make sure that you don’t go on the same day right before the procedure as the anesthetic won’t take – that’s how powerful vitamin C can be!

The hyperbaric chamber is also popular after surgery to speed up healing. However, I was told by Dr. Hui that a hyperbaric chamber produces only two times atmospheric pressure versus four times atmospheric pressure from a hydrogen peroxide IV drip. In other words, a hydrogen peroxide drip does a better job at oxygenating the body than a hyperbaric chamber.

As good as a hydrogen peroxide drip is, ozone therapy is better, way better, as in ten times better! According to Dr. Hui, hydrogen peroxide drips have around a 70% success rate – you can’t go too high with the dose because you risk burning the vein, and you can’t go too low or you won’t derive any therapeutic benefit. That’s not the case with ozone therapy, where one session can have the equivalent effect of ten sessions of hydrogen peroxide, but special equipment is necessary and the cost is higher.

Take-Home Message: If you are scheduled for surgery, consider a vitamin drip containing a high dose of vitamin C the day before and after the procedure. Thereafter, alternating between vitamin drips and hydrogen peroxide drips (or ozone therapy if available) as often as you can for a good month will greatly enhance the healing process. To find a practitioner in your area that performs these drips, visit Of course, you should discuss this with your doctor beforehand.

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