Bodybuilding: Anti-Aging or Not? (Part 2)

With the right approach, bodybuilding can be one of the best things you do for your body, mind and spirit. In the video above, Charles Eugster explains why rebuilding your body as you age is a great idea. Here are some of the key points from his talk:

• Man has destroyed the wonder of aging by transforming it into an age of degeneration and disease.

• Inactivity is a major cause of death.

• Successful aging is possible. Three factors that contribute to successful aging include work, diet and exercise.

• Vanity is a huge asset!

• Exercise is both a preventive measure and a treatment.

• Save your health and save humanity. We can rebuild our bodies.

• By removing the fat and regenerating lost muscle, we can give the 80-year-old the body composition similar to that of one 20 or even 30 years younger.

• A beach body at 90 is no longer a dream, but a real possibility!

• You have no time to lose. You can rebuild your body at any age.

• What do you get when you trade in your body for a new one? More body, more mind, and more spirit. Go for it!

Not only does Mr. Eugster look great at the age of 93, he’s sharp as a tack! The comment he makes at the end about Adam and Eve is priceless.

Bodybuilding can be a double-edge sword: if you don’t do enough of it, you’ll waste away and if you do too much of it, it could be fatal! Yet, one thing is for sure, bodybuilding done right is the best anti-aging cure available. If you dream of having a younger body, then go for it!

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