My First Muscle Magazine

I have hundreds of old muscle magazines in my storage room. The one that started it all for me was the December 1985 issue of MuscleMag International with Scott Wilson on the cover. That was over 30 years ago. I remember reading that magazine every day for weeks.

Here’s an excerpt in that issue from the Iron Guru, Vince Gironda, that I think you’ll enjoy:

“You know we have a facility opposite my place in Ventura Boulevard. It’s known as Nautilus aerobics fitness center. Has it eaten into my business? Not at all! Why? Because it’s not a gym, it’s a singles bar! My place is about muscle – the more the better. My motto is no pool, no chrome, no music … just iron!

I think of Nautilus as a waste of time for the serious bodybuilder. I see aerobics as a worthless exercise and running as a disaster.

My diet? I still advocate a meat and fat diet (and eggs) to generate more male hormone. When I feel hungry (and if I want to feed my muscles) I’ll down a shake made of two fertile eggs and whipping cream. Yes! I’m aware of the anti-fat brigade. I just don’t go along with them!”

That was classic Gironda meterial!

Also in that issue, Garry Bartlett’s column dealt with a classic bodybuilding supplement, one that’s been forgotten over the years but is still effective. We’ll resurrect this old-time favorite on Thursday.

Chest and Back Superset

A “super” combo to finish off an upper-body workout involves the standing cable crossover and the bent-over dumbbell lateral raise.

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