Old-School Bodybuilding Supplement

Liver tablets were once a staple with old-school bodybuilders, but their popularity seemed to fade toward the end of the 20th century. That’s too bad because this “lost” bodybuilding treasure can help you gain muscle and provide many health benefits.

Liver is a superfood that most people are not willing to eat but will take as a supplement. It is absolutely full of nutrients and by far the most important organ meat you should consume. In fact, predators like lions, bears and tigers will eat the liver first after a kill.

Liver is high in protein (containing all essential and most non-essential amino acids), high in vitamins and minerals (even higher than many fruits and vegetables), and contains a special “anti-fatigue” nutrient. This nutrient eluded scientists for years, but we now know what it is: heme iron, the most usable form of iron you can consume, no plant source comes close!

The first suggestion I make to women with low iron levels is to increase their consumption of red meat. I then recommend liver tablets along with a corn-free, non-GMO source of vitamin C. Calcium inhibits iron absorption so it’s important to stay away from cow milk products and any calcium supplementation if you’re iron deficient. If necessary, we’ll also use a product called Salus Floradix Formula which seems to absorb well and does not constipate like other iron supplements can.

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. A sick liver will compromise your health and your ability to build muscle. It was a common practice for many native cultures to heal an organ by consuming that particular organ. There’s no doubt that taking a liver supplement can help support your liver.

There’s also no doubt that taking a liver supplement can help support your muscle-building efforts. During the golden era of bodybuilding, liver tablets were a staple supplement. Bodybuilders used to take them by the handful. Liver tablets were effective back then and they’re still effective today.

Dr. Eric Serrano, a leading sports nutrition expert, considers liver supplementation as one of his best secrets to gain quality weight. According to Dr. Serrano, you need to take as many as 8-12 tablets between meals though for maximum effect. Do that throughout the day and you can quickly add up to two pounds of muscle or more in no time.

Search for liver tablets sourced preferably from New Zealand where cattle are grass-fed and raised in an organic manner without hormones or chemicals. An excellent brand is Vital Proteins Beef Liver. Remember, your supplements should be sourced from healthy animals just like your food.

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