Our Top 10 Articles of 2018

How I Saved My Mother’s Life
I lost one parent to cancer, I wasn’t about to lose another anytime soon. My mother put her trust in me and here’s what happened.

The News is Spreading Fast: Use METH for Injuries
Here’s why you should use METH (not RICE) next time you’re faced with an injury.

My 6 A.M. Medicine Ball Ritual
Here’s what I do every Saturday morning in the summer to stay in shape.

Big Rocks, Pebbles, And Sand: Simple Programming For Lasting Gains
In this unique take on superset workouts, you’ll alter big and small moves four times a week, using rock-solid performance standards to help you regulate volume and exercise selection. This is how to train for the long haul!

Reciprocity Training Revisited
Here’s a neat training method that can increase your strength instantly by up to 10%. Check it out!

Timing of Concurrent Training
Aerobic and resistance exercise do not mix… or do they? Contrary to popular belief, doing aerobic work around strength training can be beneficial. The timing depends on the goal.

This Type of Workout Music is Best
Music can power your workout to new heights, but the wrong kind can trash your nervous system.

Bodywork for Weight Lifters
Every seasoned weight lifter should include bodywork as part of their restoration regimen. I see five professionals on a regular basis for bodywork. Here’s a glimpse of what they do.

Carbs, Caffeine, and Training: A New Approach for Muscle Growth
Get all the fuel you need to train hard and recover quickly with this new approach.

Autoregulation and Variable Adaptation Training
Want continual progress over the long haul? Think of your training as lifting big rocks, pebbles, and sand. Here’s how

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