Reverse Squat

What many people consider a reverse squat is more like a reverse leg press, although technically it’s a low-pulley knee-in. This is what a reverse squat actually looks like:

You can use cable or elastic resistance to do it. The cable version can be done with a high pulley and a lat pulldown bar or a functional trainer with a dowel rod threaded through the handles as demonstrated in the video above. The elastic version is done by draping a resistance band or tube over a chin-up bar and then threading a dowel rod through it.

Situate yourself directly below the pulley or chin-up bar and then take a baby step back for proper body position. If the resistance is heavy enough, you may need to anchor your feet under two heavy dumbbells. Squat down as far as possible each rep.

Pull Down Into a Full Squat

To do a full squat, you need to “pull” yourself down into that position and the reverse squat is a great way to do it.

Squatting “ass to grass, butt to heels, where your hamstrings drape over your calves, and leaving a stain on the floor” requires more than flexibility — you need strength to get into the bottom position and strength to get out!

The “top-down” reverse squat will help get you down there and the “bottom-up” back squat will help get you out. Do a combination of both these exercises and you’ll get there in no time!

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