Strength Training Motivation

What motivates you during a workout? I mean, when you’re about to get under a bar stacked with 45’s that can staple you to the ground at any second, what do you think of?

There are a few scenarios that I envision.

Here’s one where I forget about technical and go “animal” instead…

I’m not a fan of house cats – in fact, I’m allergic to them – but I admire big cats, especially lions. A male lion in his prime is the ultimate representation of strength, power, and aggression.

When I walk toward the power rack, I see the lionesses move aside. I get under the bar, look the buffalo straight in the eye, and then we go to war!

Nine times out of ten the pride gets fed, but sometimes that damn buffalo gores me. I always get him next time though!

Here’s a personal threat that gets me going…

I picture someone holding a gun to my head, or worse to the head of someone that I love, and I always pump out those extra reps.

After the set, I picture myself kicking the crap out of that guy!

Classic Movie Scenes

Of course, there are a few classic movie scenes that do the trick.

The Rocky IV montage is one…

The scene from Immortals where Theseus leads his army into battle and runs full speed at the enemy (this one’s good if you have many reps ahead of you)…

The first fight scene in Troy (this one’s great before a big weight)…

Or pretty much the entire 300 movie…

Picture Mountains and Command Growth

Arnold saw his biceps as mountains and pictured himself lifting tremendous amounts of weight with those “superhuman masses of muscle!”

Of course, you can simply command your biceps to grow as YouTube sensation CT Fletcher does.

Pull the Trigger, Hit the Target

Everyone has their own trigger. What fires your “guns” when you’re battling weights?

Is it Pumping Iron, any of Ronnie Coleman’s videos, or maybe you’re Driven Beyond Strength with Joe DeFranco?

Perhaps you envision an upcoming event or a lady that you want to look “swole” for?

Whatever does the job.

Find the right motivational trigger, pull it at the right time, and have a great workout!

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