The Seated Cable Tibialis Raise

Everyone does work for the back part of the lower leg, but hardly anyone does work for the front part. The tibialis anterior, the major shin muscle, is quite often neglected and it’s unfortunate because a significant discrepancy between this muscle and your calves can limit growth. Several loading options exist for the tibialis raise. Some people have access to a dynamic axial rotation device (DARD), but most people use a resistance band. Well, another option involves a cable as demonstrated above.

Raise your legs slightly off the ground (a foam roller works well for this). Since the range of motion is fairly short, make sure to pause for a second or two in the contracted position. Don’t go too heavy – it’s best to do higher reps on this exercise. And to get a mind-blowing pump of just about every muscle between the ankles and knees, superset the seated tibialis raise with the seated calf press. Planning to do multiple sets in this manner is like planning to go out for a night of heavy drinking: Make sure you have a designated driver to get you home!

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