Wide-Grip Side-To-Side Pull-Up

Here’s a great way to emphasize the top of the range during pull-ups. When doing a Wide-Grip Side-To-Side Pull-Up, your chin must stay above the bar as you move from one hand to the other, and make sure to go all the way down at the bottom of the movement until the elbows are fully extended and shoulders elevated.

Take a look at how most guys do wide-grip pull-ups. You don’t even have to go to the gym, just do a quick check on Instagram or YouTube. You’ll see a short range of motion and horrendous form, especially if the person is 200 pounds or more. The set may start off somewhat decent, but it usually turns into a half kipping pull-up by the end.

Always focus on quality over quantity!

This pull-up version is often recommended for mixed martial artists and grappling athletes, but I think it’s a great drill for any athlete (including the weekend warrior) to improve both ends of the range.

Give it a shot. Do multiple sets of 4-6 reps in a controlled fashion and pair it with an overhead press.

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