A Blessing In Disguise

These days my two girls practically live at the dance studio preparing for their upcoming competitions. Often they’re not around for dinner, so it’s just me, my wife, and our 5-year-old son. Usually I’ll make an espresso for my wife and I after we finish our meal, and we’ll sit and chat for a while.

Well a couple weeks ago my son thought it would be fun to sit in my spot while I was making the espresso. So when I returned to the table, I put the coffees down and thought it would be fun to carry him back to his seat. As I went to lift him though, he grabbed on to the tablecloth and sure enough, both cups of coffee spilled and my cell phone was right there to absorb it all.

That wasn’t fun!

I grabbed the phone and quickly wiped it. Everything seemed to be okay. The phone worked fine, but the smell, well that wasn’t so fine!

In a way the incident was a blessing in disguise. You see, up until this point I was still on an iPhone 3GS. I had that thing for years and never had a problem. People used to tease me all the time though about my “ancient” phone.

The truth is, I’m not attached to my cell phone like most people are. I use it occasionally to check emails, to send a text or make a call, and the 3GS does that just fine. Why would I need another phone?

Recently, however, some apps have surfaced to help gauge recovery from training, but they require a newer iOS version. In The Business of Personal Training, I talk about some of the new advances in the training world that are intriguing, but I’ve yet to make the leap. So I’ve thought about upgrading my phone and this happened to be the perfect excuse.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, things happen for a reason and you should always look for the good in the bad. If something appears to act against you, flip it and let it serve for you. If you don’t let the “bad” go and continue to stress about it, you’ll literally worry yourself sick. Unlike zebras, we do get ulcers!

Turn that frown upside down. Not only will you live a happier, healthier life, controlling stress will help promote a more anabolic environment and help build muscle. That should make you smile!

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