Foreword To My New Book

The state of strength training in North America is outdated. We seem to be many years behind the Europeans in this field. Most of the curriculum in our schools today deals with aerobic training spurred by the Dr. Kenneth Cooper movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

To make matters worse, the value of many fitness certification programs is suspect, as they recommend lengthy aerobic sessions, inappropriate static stretching during warm-ups, inferior isolation and machine-based circuits, partial range movements (e.g., half squats versus full squats), and so forth. Many trainers blindly follow this advice without questioning the rationale.

Fortunately, the tide is turning! Society is starting to embrace the benefits of strength training and its popularity is beginning to rise.

There is an art and science to strength training — the science involves more than just sets and reps though. Key parameters such as rest interval, tempo, and duration are often overlooked.

This book introduces the theory behind strength training — what is required to design an effective program — and then delves into the programs themselves. The art, of course, is being able to implement these principles.

The elite trainer will be armed with all the tools necessary to construct and put into action an effective strength training program.

Best of luck on your venture!

Hanging Garhammer Raise

Elevate your core workout with the Hanging Garhammer Raise. Great for targeting the lower abdominal region, this exercise heightens activation

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