Get A Female Training Partner

What happens when guys train with other guys? Often, the weight starts to pile on the bar and form gets thrown out the window!

“It’s all you, Bro. I’m barely touching it!” says your training partner while he deadlifts the bar off your chest. Out of a set of ten on the bench press, you did six quarter reps and the rest was him… and you’re ready to throw another ten pounds a side for your next set!

Training with a female is different. They’re not so concerned about the weight, nor are they particularly impressed by big weights. Females are generally concerned about proper form and execution.

Guys who train with gals tend to focus more on quality rather than quantity. That means appropriate loads, slow, controlled repetitions, full range of motion, and proper execution.

Also, females tend to move fairly quick between sets. They don’t seem to need as much rest as males do, which coaxes shorter rest intervals and increased training density.

There’s no egotistical, alpha male, testosterone warfare going on between the two of you. There’s just good, solid training emphasizing muscle over macho.

For a change of pace, get yourself a female training partner. It may be just what you need to stop getting injured and start getting results.

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