How to Prevent a Long Night Without Sleep

Exercising too close to bedtime can mess up your sleep. It puts you in a sympathetic “fight or flight” mode when your body wants to rest. Watching an action-packed, suspenseful movie or television show can have a similar effect. Not only will it jack up your heart rate, but we all know by now that blue light is detrimental after dark.

Last night I watched “The Long Night” episode of Game of Thrones. It was 82 minutes of non-stop fighting, killing, and suspense. My heart rate was through the roof the whole time! Luckily, though, I was able to sleep without any issue because of the adrenal drip I did earlier in the day. I guess it was able to counter the “stress” of the show.

Bottom Line: If you have problems sleeping at night, not only should you avoid exercising too close to bedtime, but ditch all the violent, action-packed movies, television shows, and video games. Put a pair of blue blockers on and read a book instead. In fact, pick up one of my books… I guarantee it will put you to sleep in no time!

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