Improve Grip Strength with the Goerner Deadlift

Take a look at this video…

It doesn’t look like I’m doing much, right? There’s only 110 pounds on the bar, but it’s fairly challenging.


Because I’m only using my thumb and index finger to raise the weight! Take a closer look.

Thanks to fellow strength coach Christian Thibaudeau for making me aware of this method. It’s known as the “Goerner Deadlift” and it’s a great way to increase your gripping strength.

Next program will involve the index and middle finger of each hand, and the program after that will add the ring finger to the mix.

After those 3 programs are complete, I should notice a nice increase in my deadlift gripping strength.

If you find that you have to use straps for every set of deadlifts you do, give this method a shot.

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