Our Top 10 Articles of 2019

Heavy Hip Thrusts are Dangerous
This is one of the more popular exercises in the gym these days, but it can be quite dangerous. Here’s why.

My Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting can provide great health benefits, but it doesn’t work for me. Learn why.

Personal Training for Couples
Learn how I designed a plan for a husband and wife that would accommodate their individual needs and allow them to train at the same time.

Stop Scratching Your Shoulder Scab
If you constantly scratch the scab, you’ll never heal. That goes with any injury, but it’s especially true for shoulder injuries. Here’s what you can do about it.

Full Squats with Chains
If you’re not used to doing full squats, here’s what you can do to lighten the load at the bottom to give you a better chance of getting back up!

Three Exercises That Beat Boring Planks
The front plank is a popular exercise to promote core stability, but it’s boring! Here are three unique options that get the job done without putting you to sleep.

Don’t Let an Injury Stand in Your Way
A nasty fall on the ski hill would not keep Jessica down. Check out how she got back on her feet and is now looking to shatter her previous numbers in the gym.

Go from Zero to Hero on Chin-Ups
Chin-ups are difficult for most females, but not for my 53-year-old client, Heather! Check out what she can do.

The Serrano Pre-Workout Buzz
Here’s a pre-workout recipe courtesy of Dr. Eric Serrano that’ll get you “buzzing” in the gym!

Eat Your Whey to Greater Gains in the Gym
Whey protein is a great option after a workout, but you don’t need to have a shake. You can eat it!

* BONUS * Chin-Ups: Before and After Eccentric Training
Can five sessions of eccentric training really improve your performance on chin-ups? It sure did for 15-year-old Joseph. Check it out!

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