Set Your Sights on my New Vision Formula

Grey hair, wrinkles, and a loss of muscle are all classic signs of aging. You can add vision loss to that list as well. I’ve noticed that reading small print has become a challenge over the past couple of years. It doesn’t matter if it’s a supplement label, an old-fashioned book, or a cell phone, it’s a challenge!

Many people these days are experiencing vision loss due to overuse of digital devices. Unlike others, I’m not attached to a mobile device twenty-four hours a day, but I do think that think years of staring at a computer screen have taken a toll on my eyes.

I wanted to check just how much of a beating these eyes have taken so I went to see an optometrist. After a bunch of tests I was given the news: “Your eyes aren’t that bad, John Paul. There are some slight changes occurring, but nothing drastic.” The optometrist wrote me a low prescription for eyeglasses and told me that I could use them if I like when reading.

Overall, I thought the visit went well, but I wasn’t keen on using prescription eyeglasses. Instead, I decided to “focus” on a different approach. The first thing I did was invest in several pairs of blue blockers, then I installed Iris on my computer and activated Night Shift on my iPhone. That was done in an attempt to ease the strain on my eyes from the outside in.

Next, I wanted to fortify my eyes from the inside out so I scoured the research on the topic and discovered several herbs and nutraceuticals that could be beneficial. I searched the marketplace for these specific ingredients and there were three products that really caught my eye, so to speak. As good as these products were though, each one was lacking at least a key ingredient or the dose was not sufficient.

That’s when I decided to put together my own formula. I consulted with some experts and after collaborating with the lab, my new Vision Formula was born. Of course, as with all our supplements, we use only the highest quality raw materials so I knew I was getting the real deal, but the other great thing about this formula is that it provides support for the vascular system, skin, and joints in addition to the eyes. I take one capsule with breakfast and one capsule with dinner.

With this new plan of attack in place, my vision for the future looks promising. Hopefully, I can keep me eyes as strong as my body. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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