Normal Blood Pressure with Red Meat and Salt

I checked my blood pressure this morning. This was taken after breakfast, which included a double espresso and two glasses of filtered water with added sea salt.

Blood Pressure Reading

You’ve heard the warning that red meat is unhealthy and can lead to heart disease and cancer. Well, if that’s true, I should have been dead by now!

I’m sure you’ve also heard that salt can jack up your blood pressure and is dangerous to your health. For some “salt-sensitive” individuals, that’s true, but that doesn’t apply to everyone. In fact, most people would experience health benefits by adding salt to their diet.

I add grey salt to my water, pink and black salt to my food, and white salt to coconut water during training.

I eat a lot of red meat and use salt daily, and my blood pressure is fine.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t do any cardio. I lift weights four times a week and walk every day. If you want to stay strong, lean, and healthy, do the same!

For more tips, check out my book Lean and Mean: Fat-Loss and Muscle-Building Strategies for Men and Women.

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