Strength Training is the Fountain of Youth

If you want to turn back the biological clock, you need to lift weights. It’s not just my opinion. Researchers from Tufts University have determined that muscle mass followed by muscle strength are the two top biomarkers of aging that you can control. Take a look below.

In their book, Evans and Rosenberg determined a hierarchy of the following signs of aging, that can be altered – that means one can improve them drastically – for the better by changes in lifestyle:

1. Muscle Mass
2. Muscle Strength
3. Basal Metabolic Rate
4. Body Fat Percentage
5. Aerobic Capacity
6. Blood-Sugar Management
7. Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
8. Blood Pressure
9. Bone Density
10. Ability to regulate Internal Temperature

One of the most interesting points on the outcome of this research is that all 10 biomarkers can be improved through strength training.

Source: Anti Aging, Biomarkers & Strength Training

The Domino Effect

If muscle mass and strength topple, the other biomarkers soon follow!

William Evans, Ph.D. and Irwin H. Rosenberg, M.D. say that the first biomarker, muscle mass, is responsible for the vitality of your whole body.

That’s right…muscle mass.

Not your cardiovascular system.

Strength, the second biomarker, is just as important.

They’re the first two dominoes, so to speak. When they start to topple, the other biomarkers soon follow. On the other hand, when muscle mass and strength are maintained or improved, the other biomarkers are maintained and improved, too. You biologically become and stay younger longer.

This is why we like to call the muscular system the “window to your longevity” and strength training is the “Fountain of Youth”.

Source: The Max Strength Difference

Bottom Line: If you truly want to turn back the years, the best anti-aging elixir available is strength training. Hire a professional and do it right!

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