Single-Leg Cable Romanian Deadlift

The Single-Leg Cable Romanian Deadlift is a deceptive exercise. Judy is able to do it with ease, but it’s far more challenging than it looks. Your stabilizers will be highly active, from the foot right up to the hip and beyond. You’ll definitely feel this one and it doesn’t take much weight to get a good training effect.

It’s best to start with the cable version and eventually progress to a dumbbell or kettlebell, which require a little more balance.

Make sure to soften the opposite knee, keep the hips level and the back flat, and rotate around the hip only, keeping the core braced and tight throughout the movement. Go as far as your strength and flexibility will allow – ideally aiming for parallel to the ground.

To assist in balance, here’s a tip from Stephen Bergeron: “keep your weight on the heel of your foot while digging your big toe into the ground which innervates your sciatic nerve and will help stabilize your quad.” If you’re still struggling to maintain balance, hold on to something with the opposite hand (like a foam roller) and over time, try to wean off that support.

Give it a shot!

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