Go from Zero to Hero on Chin-Ups

Chin-ups are difficult for most people to do, especially for females. The average number of chin-ups a female can do is zero.

A lack of strength and poor body composition are two of the main reasons, but the one that tops the list is perception. Most females perceive that they can’t perform a chin-up and sure enough, they fulfill that prophecy!

The body goes where the mind tells it to. If the mind says “no”, the body just won’t go! Yes, you need a strong body to perform a chin-up, but you also need a strong mind.

My 53-year-old client, Heather, has a strong body and mind! Like most females, she struggled with chin-ups at the beginning, but through proper training, hard work and consistency, she’s now able to do them for reps!

Learn how to go from zero to hero on chin-ups. Check out my article Women’s Pull-Up Study: What Were They Thinking?

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