My Top 5 Nutrition Resources

It’s been said over and over that “abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym!” If you want to get in shape, most experts believe that 80% of the battle is diet and 20% is exercise. The problem, of course, is that there are thousands of diets to choose from, but if you understand the principles, you’ll understand which dietary approach is best for you and your clients. For a thorough education, below are my top 5 nutrition resources. Go through each and every one of them and by the end, you’ll understand the key principles involved for proper eating and how to design an individualized diet.

Precision Nutrition
Whenever a personal trainer asks me for a comprehensive nutrition program, this is the one that I recommend. Dr. John Berardi and his team left no stone unturned with the Precision Nutrition System.

You Are What You Eat
I’ve listened to this audio program so many times, the CDs are worn out! I’ve even bought copies for clients as a holiday gift. Paul Chek does a fantastic job. Keep this in the car and learn while you drive.

Lean and Mean
Nine out of ten people go to a personal trainer to get lean. Here’s a tried-and-true system that integrates diet, supplementation, exercise and recovery methods to accomplish that “six-pack” look in no time.

Nourishing Traditional Diets
I absolutely love this seminar that was presented by Sally Fallon Morell. I’ve gone through it a number of times and even had my wife view it as well. The information presented is so important. It will make a dramatic difference in your life, your family’s life, and the lives of your clients.

Eating Psychology Online Conference
I kid you not, I took 69 pages of written notes from this conference. My right forearm girth was an inch bigger by the end of it! There were courses in university where I did not take that many notes. This conference was loaded! Kudos to Marc David and his team for putting it together. You’ll need 50+ hours to get through it all, but it’s worth the investment.

meat and nuts breakfast

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