The Jon Snow of Forearm Training Equipment

We all knew that Jon Snow was coming back to life, but The Formulator too! Who would’ve thought it?

The Formulator is a unique forearm exercise tool that locks directly on your hands. It eliminates the thumb as the “weak link” of forearm training.

According to the original marketing: “You’ll feel the Formulator difference in your first workout. You’ll never return to traditional barbell forearm training again.” I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a nice option.

The Formulator was off the market for quite a while, but it looks like the “Red Priestess” of the strength world decided to resurrect it! To get your hands on this training tool, visit

If you wish to “formulate” your own knockoff in the gym, you can do so by using a pair of adjustable stirrup handles with hand supports like the ones featured here. Attach those handles to a low pulley, sit on the floor with your legs bent at 90 degrees, lock your hands into the handles, brace your forearms against your thighs, and perform wrist curls.

The Formulator was AWOL for many years, but it’s back so your forearm training should no longer be MIA. Get your hands on the real deal or do the cable alternative.

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